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When you are dealing with any legal issue, it is important for you to find a law firm that you can trust. Portnoy & Greene, P.C. is a legal practice that has been providing clients with legal services for more than three decades. Fighting for the rights of our clients is very important to us, which is why we ensure you receive quality legal services when you work with our team.

Looking for the finest in legal representation at a fair and reasonable rate? Then look no further than the team at our law firm. We are committed to performing all of our services to a high legal and ethical standard. This allows us to maintain the tradition of excellence of which our entire corporation was founded upon.

Legal Services for Individuals & Businesses

The key to receiving quality legal representation is to work with trustworthy, honest, and reliable attorneys. It takes more than just the impressive technical competence of our team to make them one of the most sought after legal representation in the area; clients are also drawn to us thanks to the depth, perspective, and quality of service we provide.

As a client of our law firm, you can rest easy knowing that whatever legal services you require are going to be handled by a truly compassionate professional. The success of our business rests upon the success we bring to our clients, which is why we always give it our all when it comes to legally representing you. The areas of expertise our practice includes are:

The Right Attorney for the Job

Speak with our attorney to learn more about the best way to approach your unique legal situation. Our informative consultations are able to give clients the knowledge they need to make smart decisions about their legal matters, whether it is a civil litigation case or a legal business transaction. With our help, you will be able to be better equipped for the trials and tribulations that come with many legal issues so you can achieve your goals as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Contact our law firm in Needham, Massachusetts, when you want to schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable attorney. We are proud to provide exceptional legal services to all of the clients living throughout our community.